Bio-Ray Boost Brain Power Marvel Cap (Adult)

Boosts Brain Power,
Improves Memory

Makes Skin Rosy & Radiant, Maintains Youthfulness

  • Stimulates blood and oxygen circulation in the brain 
  • Revitalizes brain cells to combat aging, helps to maintain youthfulness
  • Enhances mental power and increases energy
  • Helps prevents or retard signs of memory loss
  • Makes skin rosy & radiant, maintains youthfulness
  • Fights tiredness, relieves blocked nose
  • Increases efficiency of mental workers
  • Good for long distance driving and working
  • Promote hair growth

Suitable to wear for the whole day for:

  • Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Managers, Executives and businessmen
  • People who are engaged in mental 
  • who play mahjong or games for long hours
  • Middle-aged people who wish to retard ageing and loss of memory
  • The elderly who wish to prevent loss of memory
  • People of all ages who wish to enhance mental power and longetivity
Sizes: Available in M, L
Colours:Beige/ Navy Blue