Bio-Heat + Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream

MAHS 1300513    MAHP 1300573

Protect Healthy Joints    
Repair Worn Out Joints
Long Lasting Pain Relief                                          

Unique With Bio-Heat & Chinese Herbs & 10% Glucosamine

  • Effectively helps to promote joint and cartilage's health, nourish and strengthen bone to promote healthy joints
  • Fast absorption & deep penetration of high concentration of glucosamine to affected joint
  • Effectively helps to promote blood & oxygen circulation for rapid & long lasting pain relief

How is it different from other pain relief cream?
  • 3 In-1 Function: Protect + Repair + Pain Relief
  • Bio-Heat promote deep penetration of high concentration of Glucosamine to affected area
  • High Strength- 10% N-Acetyl Glucosamine
  • Affected areas feel relaxed after use
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky
Suitable to for use on all joints & muscles
  • Individuals suffering from knee problems due to worn out cartilage like osteoarthritis especially the elderly
  •  Individual who wishes to protect their joints’ health, especially those that engages in activities that requires intensive joint movements:

–People who stand for long hours

–People who engage in sports that requires high level of joint mobility especially running

–People who lift heavy items frequently

–People who take the stairs frequently

  • Size: 50g